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SQ-LED are universale and E-marked indicators in ALUMINUM and they use the SEQUENTIAL LED technolgy. They represent the TOP of RANGE offered by BARRACUDA.

They are part of BARRACUDA LUXURY PROJECT series called B-LUX.

SQ-LED are characterized by special and refined lines with elegant finishes with a futuristic design, with reduced dimensions.

They are in 6 colors: BLACK, RED, SILVER, GOLD, GREEN and BLUE.

SQ-LED B-LUX are soldi in pairs.

Design signed BARRACUDA.

The BARRACUDA LED INDICATORS are UNIVERSAL, E-MARKED and compatible with all market motorcycles.
Each bike is equipped with a specific system that needs a relative adaptation:

  • - Motorcycles with a 6-watt system need to adjust the flashing and operation of 10-watt RESISTORS (1res. X 2 Indicators / per side) or alternatively a compatible RELAY.
  • - Motorcycles with a 10-watt system need to adjust the flashing and operation of 10-watt RESISTORS (x1res. X 1 Indicator) or alternatively a compatible RELAY.
  • - Motorcycles with a 21 watt system require 21 watt HEATING ELEMENTS (1res. X 2 Indicators / per side) or alternatively a compatible RELAY to adjust the flashing and operation.
  • - Motorcycles with original LED system require a technical analysis to evaluate what is necessary for operation (resistance or RELAY).

These considerations are general and concern 99% of the bikes on the market.
There are also particular models of motorcycles that for technical characteristics require specific electronic adapters to be evaluated individually and for regular operation we recommend professional technical support.
To complete the AD HOC INSTALLATION we advise you to consult the TECHNICAL SHEET relating to your motorcycle for the compatibility of related products such as:

  • - ARROW ADAPTER (necessary for mounting the indicators on the motorcycle structure)
  • - RESISTANCE (see above)
  • - CABLE ADAPTERS (necessary for connecting the indicators to the original system without the need to make changes to the original cables or connectors)
  • For any further information or technical requirement, please contact our technical support at the email tecnico@barracudamoto.it

Koszty wysyłki:

Na terenie POLSKI koszt transportu przy przedpłacie 15 zł, przy paczce pobraniwoej 25 zł - wysyłka GRATIS dla zamówień powyżej 250 zł.

Czas wysyłki: 

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wyślemy do Ciebie najszybciej jak to będzie możliwe - zazwyczaj 1-2 dni. Zapraszamy do kontaktu dotyczącego dostępności

produktów pod adresem email lub numerem telefonu znajdującym się w zakładce KONTAKT.


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